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Thought for the week

This is a time of great changes and of great unveilings for all of us. Sometimes the greatest revelation is not the one going on outside of us, but what is going on inside our own psyche.

This is the time for all of us to look at our lives and see ourselves as being connected to all things, living and not-living, and see how we each impact everyone and everything.

The creator or creative force is one of simply ‘love’. It is not just a word, or an emotion, but a real force that holds everything together. When a person has hate, fear or any negative emotion in their own being, then that is what separates us from our ‘source’ and causes disharmony in our own bodies. It is indeed a time of challenges, a time in which we are being asked to wake up to what is and has been going on around us, to take action of some kind, but not to let our own selves become taken over by that hate or fear, or vengeance because that poisons us. Many great teachers throughout time have tried to teach us to forgive, to love, to turn the other cheek and not to judge others. That is very hard to do when we see horrific acts being enforced on us, our friends and families, and in other countries, even by our own governments. But if we become that which we see, then ‘they’ have won haven’t they?

We have great heroes of today and great heroines, most of whom none of us will ever hear about and know what they have done out of love or concern for the earth, or the beings of the earth, but there are many.


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